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- Louise McCleve

Aubrey is a truly gifted healer. Her insights into astrology have taught me a lot about myself and why I struggle in some areas and how easy it is for me to shine in other areas. Every session leaves me feeling inspired and lighter. She helps me identify and release blocks and limiting beliefs that I didn't even know I was holding. I also really appreciate the bonus classes she teaches on success by the moon because it helps me to understand the energy of the present moment and how I can best use that energy to heal and grow. My sessions with Aubrey have been truly life changing!

- Jennifer Stirling LFA

"I have worked with many life coaches, energy workers, and therapists over the years, and experience has shown me that every practitioner has unique gifts. I have also noticed that some practitioners seem more or less affective, "in-tune," or pure (of intention) than others. I believe Aubrey's gifts are so potent and powerful because of her faith, divine perspective, and ability to love her clients so unconditionally. When I started working with her, I had been struggling to remedy tension in my jaw (TMJ) for years--with some improvement--but no lasting relief. After one clearing session with Aubrey, my jaw relaxed, and I've experienced substantial relief ever since. I have also noticed a significant increase in my ability to maintain composure in stressful situations. No longer am I losing my temper, yelling, or having "bad days" when life kicks me off balance. In other words, responding to difficult situations in love is WAY easier than it was before! I experience less internal struggle. What a relief it is--to live with that kind of freedom! I also enjoy Aubrey's bi-monthly moon sessions. While I am also a Light-Filled Astrologer, I appreciate the work and study Aubrey puts into her Full Moon and New Moon classes so that I have a "heads up" on any current energies going on, an opportunity to participate in her group clearings, and the ability to spend more time with my baby (because I'm spending a little less time studying the stars :) ) I recommend Aubrey to anyone who wants to see massive jumps in their quality of life...and I think that includes just about anyone! Oh and I'm Aquarius!"

Cytel Schults

I have to share about the AMAZING session that I had with Aubrey Svedin the other day!I’ve experienced some trauma (can I just say…who hasn’t?!?!) and I also have struggled with day dreaming. Here’s what would happen….I would begin experiencing trauma and I would step out of reality and into my “pretend” world. Several years ago I decided I wasn’t doing that anymore and I just wanted TRUTH. But in the process I disconnected from my ability to daydream, which is a HUGE part of me and the way that I manifest. I didn’t even realize I had disconnected from it until my session with Aubrey on Monday. We did some healing around the trauma that I experienced and then did some work on daydream and YOU GUYS!!!!!I have to say this! I’ve experienced lots of energy healers in my time in the field (10 yrs) and this is the first session in YEARS that I’ve experienced that much movement in a single session. My feelings toward the person who inadvertently caused the trauma, the gap is closing and it feels AMAZING! This person is a huge player in my life and I want to heal. And the day dreaming.….ITS BACK!!!! But better than ever!!!!I walked myself through a situation I’ve been trying to day dream about for MONTHS! I would sit in replay in one particular section of the day dream and could never get further. But a couple days ago I walked through the ENTIRE day dream! I felt it in my body!!!! It felt like I was really there! I realized that this is why vision boards, that are supposed to work for me because I’m a specific manifester, never have! I haven’t been connected to me and my True ability to day dream!!!Oh, and another mind blowing result that might not seem like a big deal but is….Anytime I start a fiction book I can’t put it down until it’s finished. I devour a book. I literally can’t control myself. It’s painful. I have just accepted that fact and won’t allow myself to read a book until I have space because I know I will neglect everything and everyone else. UNTIL NOW!!!!!!I started a book last night, worried that I wouldn’t be able to break myself away from it, BUT I DID!!!! And it wasn’t even hard!!!I did it again today and I don’t feel the uncontrollable urge to go back to the book. I’m on chapter 12, where I would normally have already finished the book!!!! I have CHOICE back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m going through Aubrey’s program right now and I’m STOKED!!! So stoked! I HIGHLY recommend doing a session with her! I LOVE YOU AUBREY!

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