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Let's Create Your 3 Month Roadmap to Radical Self-Trust

Are you ready to find your roadmap for Radical Self-Trust?

In this session we will dive into the depths of your beliefs, finding clarity and beginning your path to removing and clearing Self Sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you from creating that Radical Self-Trust.

We will begin your healing journey into finding and trusting your authentic self and we will create a 3 month roadmap to continue your forward momentum.

Are you ready to release the negative outcome of the toxic belief systems from your life?

Intuitively we will find blocks, release them and create a pathway forward to continue healing even after our session. It is not necessary but this session is a great way to jumpstart the Celestial Lunar Method.

$333 for 90 minutes

This is a roadmap to begin the journey of:

  • Removing Emotional & Mental wounds from the past

  • Removing the Heart Wall so you feel in touch with your inner self & purpose

  • Easing feelings of anxiety and depression caused by past emotional trauma

  • Help you get clear on your life purpose and dreams

  • Address Childhood Emotional Trauma

  • Improve Self -Esteem

  • Address Self-Sabotage in the following areas - finance, career, health & relationships

  • Eliminate or reduce chronic pain caused by suppressed emotional trauma

  • Releasing Generational Trauma

  • understanding the current transit with natural energy

  • Trauma informed

  • Ancestral/ generational healing

  • connecting to and creating a relationship with your guardian angels.

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