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Foundational Self Trust

7 Days Free Coaching

Letting go of Toxic

Creating Self Trust

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Free 7 days of coaching: Finding and trusting your authentic self AFTER a toxic relationship is a Journey. My 7 days to Self-Trust program will create the foundation you need to jumpstart the process.

Together we will walk through letting go of the toxic relationship by finding your authentic self. Through self-love, compassion, guidance and emotional release. The journey of a lifetime begins when you take the first step. This is a FREE 7 day coaching program made just for you!



Radical Self - Trust

Infused during an eclipse portal

Subconscious Release Technique

Mindset Shifting

3 days of Belief Shifting

Bonus 4th session

Radical Self-Trust Bootcamp

Has your inability to take radical action interfered with your success?

This bootcamp includes:

Chakra Astrology

Massive Belief Shifting

Emotional release

Bonus group Session

Radical Action Stems From Radical Self-Trust

Day 1: Radically trusting the foundation of yourself! We will dive into how YOU can find yourself through astrology, while removing beliefs that stop you from taking action with your full potential. Radical self-trust is built upon knowing yourself.

Day 2: Radically trusting your voice! We will dive into the depths your own unique communication style and release the beliefs that bring insecurities and doubt about radically speaking your truth and trusting if will be heard how you meant it to be heard.

Day 3: We will dive into the depths of your generational planets (Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus) to see the unique connection to your radical intuition! We will release beliefs that keep us stuck in needing to control the outcome. Radical Self -Trust requires Radical Trust in how you act upon inspiration.

BONUS GROUP SESSION: - We will END the eclipse Portal with a bonus session! You will have the opportunity to bring to me the emotional blocks, themes and struggles that came up during the eclipse portal and we will clear as many of these emotional blocks in this bonus group session.

12 week course







Celestial Illumination

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- Louise McCleve

Aubrey is a truly gifted healer. Her insights into astrology have taught me a lot about myself and why I struggle in some areas and how easy it is for me to shine in other areas. Every session leaves me feeling inspired and lighter. She helps me identify and release blocks and limiting beliefs that I didn't even know I was holding. I also really appreciate the bonus classes she teaches on success by the moon because it helps me to understand the energy of the present moment and how I can best use that energy to heal and grow. My sessions with Aubrey have been truly life changing!

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