Helping High Achieving Women create radical self trust while embracing their divine feminine

Using my Celestial Lunar Method

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Radical Self-Trust

Removing emotional and subconscious blocks that that keep you from radically trusting yourself and therefore, trusting God

Celestial Healing

I offer both courses and 1x1 packages as we dive into effortlessly letting go of the past and confidently trusting yourself as you step into your future.

Emotion Code

I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. Finding the trapped emotions within your energetic body and releasing them, can heal physical symptoms, treat anxiety/fear/panic, and bring overall homeostasis to your mind, soul, and body.

Subconsious Release Technique

The Subconscious

Release Technique removes the mental and emotional programs running your life and STOPS negative cycles in their tracks.

As a trained SRT Coach, I will deep dive with you into your self-sabotaging beliefs, clear them, you have and install (i.e., conceptualize) new beliefs so that your future life can run on healthy, productive "programs."


Did you know that you were sent here with a blueprint of your life?...and that God is at the center of that blueprint ? While it's true-- we don't need astrology to come to know God - astrology can be extremely helpful. For example, astrology can offer validation that we really are exactly where we need to be, offer an insight into our purpose and best direction, and courage to take whatever next steps are necessary. When I learned about astrology and read my chart I realized-- for the first time --that God has NEVER left my side. Together we can dive DEEP into your natal chart!


There is no need to discuss the details of the past to let go of the baggage created there.

-Louise McCleve

Aubrey is a truly gifted healer. Her insights into astrology have taught me a lot about myself and why I struggle in some areas and how easy it is for me to shine in other areas. Every session leaves me feeling inspired and lighter. She helps me identify and release blocks and limiting beliefs that I didn't even know I was holding. I also really appreciate the bonus classes she teaches on success by the moon because it helps me to understand the energy of the present moment and how I can best use that energy to heal and grow. My sessions with Aubrey have been truly life changing!

Meet Aubrey

Hello! I am so excited to be here and to tell my story. Even if it is brief.

To start, it is by the grace of God I am here today. I didn't make wise choices in high school and the years following.

I was raised in a conservative and mostly strict family. I knew my parents loved me and I had a good school and home. But because of unfortunate experiences in my youth that I didn't know how to talk about, I made some serious choices as a teenager that caused sever damage in my life.

As an adult, I dealt with the repercussions of what had happened and that looked like extreme anxiety, Complex PTSD, fear and a sever distrust in God, Myself and everyone around me.

Today, I no longer live in fear or anxiety. I have a RADICAL amount of SELF-TRUST which has allowed me to have an even more RADICAL amount of trust in God.

Astrology, Emotion Code and the Subconscious Release Technique have freed me from the pain.

I have put together what I have learned that freed me from my fear and baggage and I have created a way for you to do the same. Only for you it will take a significantly less amount of time and money. Creating RADICAL SELF-TRUST has become easier than ever before.

Emotion Code as seen on


Let's Briefly look at what I do


Success with the Moon

My free group sessions that follow the full moon and new moon cycle.

Sign up for free to gain the most benefit of the Celestial Lunar Method.


1x1 Time With Me

Celestial Healing with Aubrey begins with removing trapped emotions and shifting self sabotaging subconscious beliefs around the life you live. These beliefs are what keep you stuck in life in so many ways. It is time to let them go. Includes astrology.


Amazing Courses

These Deep Diving Courses jump into RADICALLY shifting your self-sabotaging belief systems. They are created to help you step into Radical self-trust and to let go of past, toxic behaviors. The courses involve astrology and will include business mindset, money mindset, relationship healing and so so much more.


Non - Astrology Sessions

I offer simple healing that heals not so simple things. Your wounds are where your baggage comes from. I offer quick, emotion code sessions, to remove emotional baggage. There is no need to discuss the details of the past to let go of the baggage you picked up there.

I also offer SRT sessions if you want to discuss certain beliefs and replace them with a new positive mindset.

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