Are you ready to find the authentic you after a toxic relationship?


your line upon line guide to healing

and trusting your authentic self

after a toxic relationship

Do you find yourself re-living the same toxic story, except with different faces and locations?

Do you often feel like people don't see you for who you truly are?

Have YOU even questioned yourself and wondered if it truly was YOU that was in the wrong?

Do you feel:

• Guilty because you believe your self-sabotaging behavior is your fault?

Like you can not trust yourself to make the correct decisions

• Shame because you CAN'T STOP REPEATING the same "bad" behaviors?

Overwhelmed with memories from your toxic relationships?

Have you tried:

Therapy - but you still feel stuck?

• Ignoring the problem - but it doesn't go away? Or it goes away for awhile, but then keeps coming back?

Negative self-talk, hoping it will get you to "act right?!"

• Reading an endless list of "self-help" books?

Does it feel like all the things you are trying are actually

making the situation worse?.

Have you been in a toxic relationship and lost your identity?

Are you aware that your belief patterns -- commonly known as the subconscious -- are a set of programs that have been created from your youth or surviving toxic relationships or traumatic experiences.

If you were raised in a "survival mindset" household, YOU -- as an adult -- will continue to live in this same survival mindset throughout your life.

Survival programs don't allow us to thrive!

Toxic relationships have a unique way of thrusting us into a survival mindset.

Have you felt as if you are going crazy as you strive to find yourself again?

You will continue to repeat the same patterns that were programed into you during childhood... or through a high-stress situation like a toxic relationship or traumatic incident.

Your subconscious is the un-thought process -- or actions you automatically take -- that create positive or negative life experiences.

In fact, your self-sabotaging behaviors or negative belief patterns are wired so deeply into your subconscious that you may not be aware of the programs that created them.

But don't worry! Negative programs can be rewired.

Have you felt as if you are going crazy as you strive to find yourself again?

There are a few ways to rewire the survivalist mind of the subconscious

Step #1: Set an intention that you WILL remove the negative programs that are creating self-sabotaging cycles in your life.

And after that?? This divinely blessed program -- that I feel called to bring to the world -- will answer that question!

Well, my friend, YOU have made it to the Right Place

...I have been where you are, and I know what it takes to let go of the self-sabotaging behaviors created in a toxic relationship. I have help 100's on their journey as the find and come to TRUST their Authentic Self...

I fully believe that I am divinely called and guided to help you find Success and happiness in your life through coming to know and TRUST yourself...

...Not just "physical" success. Career and finances are important too... But EMOTIONAL SUCCESS is what will bring you euphoric freedom, happiness, hope and a pure connection to God.

The journey ahead is Sacred in nature, and I feel a divine call to walk beside you.

Hi there!

I'm Aubrey Svedin


I know what it is like to be chock-full of behaviors that create negative cycles in our lives. Every time I'd find myself repeating the same patterns or mistakes, I'd find myself yelling, "WHY, does this keep happening to me"

See... what I didn't realize at the time was that my actions -- my natural responses to life... was why I kept repeating the same story over and over again.

Then one day a realization hit me like a freight train: I was the common denominator. If I wanted my life to be different, I was going to have to do something drastically different to change it. At the time, I was living in a state of fear, CPTSD and anxiety. Did I want this? Subconsciously...yes. Consciously?? HECK NO! In fact, I wanted peace so badly that I was willing to try anything to find it!

I realized that my CPTSD was due to a very long toxic relationship that I had lived in. This relationship stole from me the knowledge of who I am on all levels.

One day after attending an energy healing session. I remember thinking 'in my 8 years of going to therapy, I have never felt so clear!' Intuitively- for the first time in recent memory -- I felt peace.

However, my next steps forward were not always easy. They were given to me one step at a time; line upon line, precept upon precept. In all honesty, I didn't know where God was directing me. I just knew that if I picked up the next piece of my expanding life-puzzle, that the picture would one day become clear.

As I knelt in prayer -- asking God to help 'something-in-this-crazy-world-we-live-in' make sense, God answered me. That was the beginning of my sacred journey into Light-Filled Astrology.

Suddenly, as the 'puzzle-pieces' came together, I was able to see what I couldn't see before. Clarity felt beautiful to my heart, and so I stepped forward in that direction.

Shortly after this revelation, I felt as if I found myself!

During this critical time, I also became a CECP (Certified Emotion Code Practitioner) an SRT (Subconscious Release Technique) Coach, and allowed God to direct my marketing and business. God became my CEO and my boss as I continued taking steps towards my finished puzzle.

Today, I am evidence that God can do for us that which we do not know how to do ourselves. One day at a time, one moon at a time, one prayer at a time, one meditation at a time --I found the life I didn't know I wanted and the dream I didn't know I could dream. Had I followed my OWN plans, I would have sold myself massively short.

I thank God every day for the plans he had, has, and will continue to help me build within my life.

I learned to live in the present moment -- and from the present moment, I found my faith, hope, success, and happiness.

I left a toxic relationship and found myself bewildered with complex trauma symptoms of fear, anxiety, emotional flashbacks, and the emotional freedom and perpetual safety I feel today. Only just a few short years ago, I worked under micromanagement at a part time job and lived (rather miserably) day-to-day. Today, I am a confident, happy, successful entrepreneur with complete control over my schedule and my life. And now I am called from the divine to teach YOU what I know.

I want you to find Self-Trust in your Home

Healing Self-Sabotaging Behaviors will allow you to clear out the old-- both physically and emotionally--as you plant seeds to build your perfect home and private life, giving you the space you need to relax and thrive in your family and inter-personal relationships.

consistently experiencing a SAFE home environment will do wonders for your authentic self!

I want you to find self-trust in your relationships

Healing Self Sabotaging Behaviors will help you release old beliefs rooted during your toxic relationship. Beliefs rooted with fear, scarcity, trauma, and abuse. These beliefs inhibit your ability to fully trust not only yourself, but all relationships in your life that you fully desire to trust.

We will free you from emotions connected to memories and stories from your past so that--in the present--you can love...unhindered and completely.

Feeling SAFE in your relationships--in both your personal and business--will do wonders for your authentic self!.

I want you to find self-trust in your careers

THIS, right here, is YOUR money-making opportunity! If you don't fully know yourself and TRUST your authentic self, you will unknowingly hurt your career, and you will unconsciously limit your income. True: Trust within your home, and your relationships will naturally create success within your career. However, there are also specific beliefs surrounding careers and money that are holding you back.

These limiting beliefs often surround worthiness or wealth. Many of my clients struggle with an unconscious beliefs that "money is evil," or riches are above their deserving or ability to obtain them. When you survive a toxic relationship there is also the added belief that "I don't deserve good things" and a lot of times money is withheld to "control" you. It is time you learn that YOU ARE WORTHY!

Additionally, I find that most women carry a multi-generational belief that they "must be submissive" to the men in their lives. While most of us born into the 21st century were not "raised" to be a man's possession, our female ancestors WERE. The good news??.... YOU were born NOW in order to help THEM! And when you use your power to help them, it helps you to!!

This part of my program clears blocks surrounding self-sabotaging behaviors in your careers or businesses.

Feeling SAFE to be exactly who you are in your career will do wonders for your authentic self!

Self-Trust is YOURS to have!

I am here to SHOW you how to . . .

Find Yourself With


Find Yourself With


Find Yourself With


Whats does success mean?

There are many different definitions of success.

Let's talk about the success my clients have found after working with me.

Peace of Mind

To achieve peace of mind, we must let go of the idea that everything needs to be done all at once.

Many of my clients express feeling peace after a session wtih me because they are able to let go of limiting beliefs and unrealistic expectations.

Their newfound ability to FEEL peace-- sometimes for the first time in their lives--allows them to then feel confident in themselves enough to relax into this peace and let it become

Self-Confidence / Self-Trust

The quickest way to build self trust is to take actions that build that trust

! After as little as one session with me, many of my clients begin taking positive action within their careers. As they become more able to commit. They trust themselves to take action and, as a result, thrive in areas where they previously struggled.

This program will show you how to do the same!

Freedom in time

What does that even mean?? I'll tell you! Freedom in time means that you will have the money, time, self-trust, and confidence to build the life you so desire.

Whether it's more time with your children, more connection with your spouse, more time in nature, or more time to do work you LOVE to do, it's freedom to do more of whatever you LOVE!

This program will offer you the ability to step away from being micromanaged by others (or yourself) and into a life unbound by limits. You will build your ultimate success story, one day at a time, with God.

A closer connection to God

This program is a sacred journey that invites you to walk a new path

. Not only will you build greater self trust, but you will learn to rely solely on your great and powerful creator --to do for you that which you can not do for yourself. We were never meant to tackle this life alone! This Sacred pathway is one we will walk together, and it's one you won't want to miss.

The cycle of every self-destructive behavior has a root belief

When we clear these negative root beliefs we are free to build our lives with simplicity, integrity, and authenticity.


Healing Self-Sabotaging Behavior

Clearing old survival programs (self-sabotaging behaviors), implanting a new magnetic positive mindset, and creating the perfect dream life that has been within you all along. You have the freedom to be successful.

1x1 Coaching

How do we find success ?

Let's create a personalized plan of action and walk into your dreams!

SRT Coaching

The Subconscious Release Technique removes the mental and emotional programs running your life and STOPS negative cycles in their tracks.

As a trained SRT Coach, I will deep-dive with you into your self-sabotaging beliefs, clear them, you have and install (i.e., conceptualize) new beliefs so that your future life can run on healthy, productive "programs."


I am also a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. Finding the trapped emotions within your energetic body and releasing them, can heal physical symptoms, treat anxiety/fear/panic, and bring overall homeostasis to your mind, soul, and body.


Did you know that you were sent here with a blueprint of your life?...and that God is at the center of that blueprint ? While it's true-- we don't need astrology to come to know God- -astrology can be extremely helpful. For example, astrology can offer validation that we really are exactly where we need to be, offer an insight into our purpose and best direction, and courage to take whatever next steps are necessary. When I learned about astrology and read my chart for the first time, I realized-- for the first time--that God has NEVER left my side. Together we can dive DEEP into your natal chart!

Mindset Shifting

Upon releasing old self sabotaging programming we implement beliefs and take actions that will create success and self trust within your life.

1x1 Sessions

Includes 6 months of bi monthly sessions working together with our. This is where we deep-dive into your divine blueprint! Together, we will discover your current programs, beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors in order to release, transmute, and learn about who you truly are which will allow you to then create who you truly want to become.

Astrology in the Body

Did you know that Astrology flows through your energy centers (i.e., chakras)? Each energy center has a connection to very specific planets. Together we will learn about your unique gifts and characteristics by observing how the planets interact with your chakras. Once these strengths and weaknesses are identified, we can release any blocks we find in your energy field.

NOT ONLY will you get all that was discussed above, let's talk about my added Bonus!

Group Coaching

6 months of my Success With The Moon Group Healing Sessions is INCLUDED

. When you purchase my Healing Self-Sabotaging Behaviors 6 month program.

This includes a class prior to every NEW MOON and FULL MOON (2x/month)

The new moon provides energy for us to create, plan, and "plant new seeds" in our lives. Conversely, the full moon provides energy for us to clean, clear, and let go of anything that isn't working for us.

Knowing WHERE to plant and WHERE to clean out is where miracles start to happen. My Success With The Moon classes will assist you in getting personal answers and insights to life's pressing questions. Additionally, every class will include group SRT Sessions specifically tailored to each moon cycle.

Healing Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

The sacred journey of letting go of beliefs and trusting your authentic self!

2x/month 1x1 Coaching

New Moon Planting

Full Moon Clearing

Success with the Moon

Elevating 2024

Emotion Code

Subconscious Release Technique

Astrology & HD

Mindset Shifting

Magnetic Living


This is a sacred journey. Let's hear from others who have walked this sacred path.

Aubrey is a truly gifted healer. Her insights into astrology have taught me a lot about myself and why I struggle in some areas and how easy it is for me to shine in other areas. Every session leaves me feeling inspired and lighter. She helps me identify and release blocks and limiting beliefs that I didn't even know I was holding. I also really appreciate the bonus classes she teaches on success by the moon because it helps me to understand the energy of the present moment and how I can best use that energy to heal and grow. My sessions with Aubrey have been truly life changing!

- Louise McCleve

"I have worked with many life coaches, energy workers, and therapists over the years, and experience has shown me that every practitioner has unique gifts. I have also noticed that some practitioners seem more or less affective, "in-tune," or pure (of intention) than others. I believe Aubrey's gifts are so potent and powerful because of her faith, divine perspective, and ability to love her clients so unconditionally. When I started working with her, I had been struggling to remedy tension in my jaw (TMJ) for years--with some improvement--but no lasting relief. After one clearing session with Aubrey, my jaw relaxed, and I've experienced substantial relief ever since. I have also noticed a significant increase in my ability to maintain composure in stressful situations. No longer am I losing my temper, yelling, or having "bad days" when life kicks me off balance. In other words, responding to difficult situations in love is WAY easier than it was before! I experience less internal struggle. What a relief it is--to live with that kind of freedom! I also enjoy Aubrey's bi-monthly moon sessions. While I am also a Light-Filled Astrologer, I appreciate the work and study Aubrey puts into her Full Moon and New Moon classes so that I have a "heads up" on any current energies going on, an opportunity to participate in her group clearings, and the ability to spend more time with my baby (because I'm spending a little less time studying the stars :) ) I recommend Aubrey to anyone who wants to see massive jumps in their quality of life...and I think that includes just about anyone! Oh and I'm Aquarius!"

- Jennifer Stirling LFA

I have to share about the AMAZING session that I had with Aubrey Svedin the other day!I’ve experienced some trauma (can I just say…who hasn’t?!?!) and I also have struggled with day dreaming. Here’s what would happen….I would begin experiencing trauma and I would step out of reality and into my “pretend” world. Several years ago I decided I wasn’t doing that anymore and I just wanted TRUTH. But in the process I disconnected from my ability to daydream, which is a HUGE part of me and the way that I manifest. I didn’t even realize I had disconnected from it until my session with Aubrey on Monday. We did some healing around the trauma that I experienced and then did some work on daydream and YOU GUYS!!!!!I have to say this! I’ve experienced lots of energy healers in my time in the field (10 yrs) and this is the first session in YEARS that I’ve experienced that much movement in a single session. My feelings toward the person who inadvertently caused the trauma, the gap is closing and it feels AMAZING! This person is a huge player in my life and I want to heal. And the day dreaming.….ITS BACK!!!! But better than ever!!!!I walked myself through a situation I’ve been trying to day dream about for MONTHS! I would sit in replay in one particular section of the day dream and could never get further. But a couple days ago I walked through the ENTIRE day dream! I felt it in my body!!!! It felt like I was really there! I realized that this is why vision boards, that are supposed to work for me because I’m a specific manifester, never have! I haven’t been connected to me and my True ability to day dream!!!Oh, and another mind blowing result that might not seem like a big deal but is….Anytime I start a fiction book I can’t put it down until it’s finished. I devour a book. I literally can’t control myself. It’s painful. I have just accepted that fact and won’t allow myself to read a book until I have space because I know I will neglect everything and everyone else. UNTIL NOW!!!!!!I started a book last night, worried that I wouldn’t be able to break myself away from it, BUT I DID!!!! And it wasn’t even hard!!!I did it again today and I don’t feel the uncontrollable urge to go back to the book. I’m on chapter 12, where I would normally have already finished the book!!!! I have CHOICE back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m going through Aubrey’s program right now and I’m STOKED!!! So stoked! I HIGHLY recommend doing a session with her! I LOVE YOU AUBREY!

-Cytel Schults

Let's dive deeper

Healing Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

The sacred journey of letting go of beliefs and trusting your authentic self!

2x/month 1x1 Coaching

New Moon Planting

Full Moon Clearing

Success with the Moon

Elevating 2024

Emotion Code

Subconscious Release Technique

Astrology & HD

Mindset Shifting

Magnetic Living


All of their objections busted. Make these clear and confident.

What exactly is Emotion Code?

I posted a quick video just above with the Doctor who was inspired to create the emotion code. His name is Dr. Nielson and he is a talented chiropractor who trusts God and Jesus and he stepped into his life path. I love how he explains it and so I recommend you watch the quick clip just above.

What is the price of this program?

Because each person is in need of their own unique directions they are walking in life, meaning how deep, quick, and how much work they are ready to put in themselves at this time. I would like to discuss the needs in a call before we discuss a price.

If you are interested, I would love to meet with you.

When will we start working together?

This is a wonderful question. I have created this program to allow new clients in when the space opens up. Healing Self-Sabotaging Behaviors is a 6 month program that fits perfectly alongside Success With The Moon. They compliment each other beautifully.and it is made to start the month following your signing up with my coaching program.

What hours do you have available to meet for the 1x1's?

Good question, I have some morning hours and some early evening hours. Mostly I am available during MST day time hours.

Because I am a single mom, I don't work on the weekends. My son is very important to me and that time is for he and I.

However, I know you are most likely busy yourself and so I have a couple nights a week I have scheduled to work a little later than the others to meet with my clients who need a later appointment and can't meet during the working day.

How long are the 1x1 sessions? Also how long is the Success With The Moon Class and do you need to be live?

Our 1x1 sessions are 55 minutes in length. You are able to schedule them yourself on my calendar.

My SWTM class ranges between 60-90 minutes. They are recorded live and can be watched at a later time if you are unable to make it live. It will be very beneficial and healing either way. These classes shift with the full and new moon and will be recorded one or two days before the full or new moon.

Healing Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

The sacred journey of letting go of beliefs and trusting your authentic self!

2x/month 1x1 Coaching

New Moon Planting

Full Moon Clearing

Success with the Moon

Elevating 2024

Emotion Code

Subconscious Release Technique

Astrology & HD

Mindset Shifting

Magnetic Living